Vinyl 101 with Chris Manik

Learn to Mix Vinyl Records

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Vinyl 101 with Chris Manik

What will be covered?

Even though most of our audience is made up of advanced or intermediate DJs, we get a lot of aspiring talent on the site every month who are hungry to learn. The fundamentals never get stale, so we will be rolling out a new “how to DJ” article every month for those that are just joining the ranks. Phrasing is one of the most important musical fundamentals out there, so let’s get started there.

How long will it be?

60-90 mnutes

What equipment will be used?

We will have three sets of Technic's 1200s and three pioneer mixers for students to use.

What will be provided during the class?

You will receive a printout of the major points discussed during the course.

Do I need to know anything before taking this class?

You do not need any prior knowledge to get the most out of this experience.

About your Teacher

MANIK fired onto the electronic music scene in 2011 with releases on Ovum, Poker Flat and Culprit.

Chris Manik

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