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There are so many benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables. I will admit that I don't have the greenest thumbs, and sadly at the moment I don't have my own garden as the apartment I live in only has a balcony (which will soon be full with flowers ). Once I move again I will hopefully be able to start my own garden again. But until then I am lucky to be able to spend time in my granddads and a friend garden, who are happy to let me help out and help myself to what I want. I spent today in a friends garden from which the pictures are and came home with lots of stuff. The two main things I went for today where roses (to dry and make into a body lotion and mint, for tea and fruit infused water).

It might take a few trial and errors before each plant blossoms, but it is definitely worth it. Being outside when the weather's nice is always a great way to lift your mood and you really can harvest the fruits of your labor when you have your own garden. So here are the top reasons

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